Majestic Hotel Harrogate

David is offering a friendship service at the Majestic Hotel every weekday morning,

David has now retired to Harrogate, Yorkshire after an interesting lifetime based on his work and hobbies,

His latest project is to sit in the lounge at the Majestic Hotel, near the centre of Harrogate and have a talk or play table games with whoever comes in for a coffee. More details of Meet David for a coffee may be found by following the link.

Most people having coffee are retired but some are younger carers, while others are still at school and thinking of making a career working with the elderly. He has information about charities requiring paid employees or part-time volunteer either based in Harrogate or Knaresborough areas.

Before returning to the UK, 20 years were spent in Portugal, first as a director of a Japanese owned company, then a retired person with plenty of time for his hobby of off-shore sailing, and finallly as co-owner of a tourist business.

Before going to Portugal, 15 years were spent in Wales in a Welsh speaking village near the border and Chester. Early life was spent in Ormskirk in Lancashire while the war years were spent with grandfather in the nearby village of Bickerstaffe. Reminisces of those years and anecdotes are being written.

In Portugal, David wrote some sites when Internet was in its infancy which are still successful today.

Listed below are some of the sites
Self Catering Villas
Portugal Villas Quintas and Houses for rent with  pool Properties and holiday homes in Portugal, in beautiful locations, from the Costa Verde in the north to the Algarve in the south. The houses have usually a minimum of four bedrooms and a private swimming pool.
Estate Cottages
Self catering Cottages and Houses with shared pool Houses and cottages with self catering facilities and shared swimming pool. Some were used by local estate workers which have been restored and converted for tourist accommodation. The selection covers some of the most beatiful regions of Portugal.
Pousadas of Portugal
Pousadas of Portugal Pousadas de Portugal are set in government buildings, including castles, palaces and monasteries, some being part of the country's history. The Pousadas currently cover all regions of Portugal including The Azores Islands.
Manor Houses
Manor Houses of Portugal Manor houses carefully converted to welcome tourists while retaining its original charm and character. Predominant in northern Portugal, particularly in small villages, they can also be found in other regions, namely The Algarve.
Paradores of Spain
Paradores of Spain Castles,palaces and other old buildings owned by the state that have been converted into luxury hotels. The group also has some modern hotels in areas of outstanding beauty.
Click for Articles on Spain and Portugal written and published by Susan Bartle
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